About Us - MAD Environmental Consulting Ohio

History and Philosophy

No foolin’ – April 1, 1998 was the start of MAD Scientist Associates.  We are an environmental consulting microbusiness specializing in ecological and wetland issues.  Our approach to life centers on being approachable and not taking one’s self too seriously.  Our approach to the ecological and wetland consulting business is grounded in environmental stewardship and treating each client’s needs with the utmost respect.  We focus on collaboration, and we want to be YOUR Specialists in Ecological and Wetland Consulting.

As we view it, we don’t have competitors in the ecological consulting business world, only potential clients and team members.

For nearly 20 years, our niche* has been to provide our clients with accurate, comprehensive and timely data on ecological consulting projects big and small.  Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality information through ecological consulting to facilitate sound environmental decisions.  We strive to be a company that clients trust and enjoy working with on a regular basis.  We want to help you Make A Difference with your projects. If you need to hire an ecological and wetlands consultant, don’t you want one who works like MAD?


*Niche (\'nich, 'nēsh\): noun:

1. a: a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted

b: a habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organism or species

c: the ecological role of an organism in a community

d: a specialized market

Our Customers:

  • Architectural Firms

  • Civil Engineers

  • Environmental Consulting Firms

  • Municipalities

  • School Districts

  • Park Districts

  • Land Owners

  • Commercial Clients

  • Regulated Industries