MAD Staff takes time to give NAHS students professional feedback

In December 2015, several MAD staff members went back to high school! Well, they were invited by the New Albany High School Environmental Science class to critique presentations developed by 11th grade students regarding harmful algal blooms. It was a pleasure listening to students explain how they researched possible solutions for phosphorus reduction in the Grand Lake Saint Marys watershed, which was the focus of their projects. Many of them came to the realistic conclusion that there is no "one-way" to solve an environmental problem, rather they are much more complex and require a multi-faceted approach. We had to share some of the reflective thoughts posted by students that make us appreciate great teachers that make learning relevant and meaningful. They came up with some really thoughtful questions and comments that made us glad we were able to participate. We've got 16 and 17 year olds talking about engineered wetlands!

After presenting our solution, it dawned on me how much I actually learned from this, and made me respect all of the scientists trying to figure out a solution.”

I am now more aware of how big of an issue water pollution in Ohio is. After listening to the experts comments, I can tell that the impact they left on the class was significant, and that there are very few people who are unenlightened about this topic.

My questions is about the cost and effectiveness of the engineered wetlands. Would it have to be constantly monitored to see its effectiveness? Overall, I really enjoyed this project due to its real life implications, and the interesting discussions with the MAD Scientist Associates. I loved everyone’s ideas and the creativity that we were able to display, especially as this is an ongoing problem not just in Ohio.”