MAD facilitates workshop, training at OVPN

Mark Dilley spent the last few weekends in March presenting at workshops held by the Ohio Vernal Pool Network (OVPN) and the Ohio Wetlands Association (OWA). 

As President of the non-profit OWA, Mark was responsible for presenting on the topic of the "Flora of Vernal Pools." MAD staffer Jenny Adkins played a key role in developing his presentation. Both are continuing to make improvements to this training module based on feedback from workshop participants.

The presentations took place at Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware and the Brukner Nature Center in Troy. These workshops were conducted to beta-test a "train the trainer" presentation package that is being developed with funding support from an Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF) grant from Ohio EPA. The overall goal of the training is to encourage citizen scientists to better understand and appreciate the ecological importance of vernal pools and contribute to their monitoring and protection.

The OVPN is a collaboration between the Ohio Wetlands Association and the Midwest Biodiversity Institute.