MAD takes part in Ohio Natural History Conference in Cleveland

The annual Ohio Natural History Conference (ONHC) is an annual conference which typically takes place in Columbus. However, the Ohio Biological Survey (OBS) decided that they would try to move the event to other areas of the state and highlight our various ecoregions in the process. This year, it was held in Cleveland, Lake Erie Allegheny Plateau ecoregion. The event was on Feb. 24 at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. MAD staff Mark Dilley and Jim Palus were both in attendance. The keynote speaker was Martin Kalfatovic, Program Director of the Biodiversity Heritage Library at The Smithsonian. Martin’s keynote address was titled, “Expanding Access for the Local and Global: Increasing Access & Empowering Global Biodiversity Research through the Biodiversity Heritage Library.”


As Chair of the OBS Board, Mark led the process of hiring a new Executive Director for the organization in the weeks leading up to the conference. At the conference, had the opportunity to welcome more than 200 participants, and introduce the new Executive Director, Dr. Connie Hausman, the first female director of OBS.

The group photo shows the current board, as well as two award recipients, Dr. Charles McClaugherty and Emliss Ricks (back row, center, left to right) that were honored at the event.Follow these links to learn more about OBS and the ONHC.