Wetlands Across Ohio

2018 was an especially productive year for wetland habitat improvement. In total, we completed nearly 13 acres of wetland restoration/creation across 5 Ohio Counties (Lucas, Delaware, Franklin, Greene, and Hamilton). Wetland types included deep emergent marsh, shallow marsh, sedge meadow, and wetland fringe. These wetlands were created or restored for many purposes, including education, stewardship, public park amenities, recreation and mitigation. We have several projects in the works that we anticipate will add nearly 30 acres of wetland to Ohio’s landscape in 2019! If you have a wetland project in mind and need professional guidance implementing your plan, please give us a call!

Louisville District Water Quality & Biological Data Collection

MAD Scientist Associates was selected by the United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to collect biotic, physical, and chemical data for streams flowing into two public reservoirs, CJ Brown and Caesar Creek, covering 13 sites from July-October. Mark Dilley and Jenna Odegard headed field teams that collected fish, invertebrate, water chemistry data, as well as physical stream measurements. Data collected from these sites were used to evaluate health of the streams surrounding the reservoirs.

Fish populations were sampled by electrofishing, while invertebrates were collected using Hester-Dendy samplers and dip nets. The fish and invertebrate data was then evaluated using the Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) and Invertebrate Community Index (ICI), respectively. Stream habitat was assessed using the Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QHEI), which assigns rating scores for desirable habitat characteristics. In-situ water quality data was collected using a YSI meter. These reservoirs in the Springfield and Cincinnati area are very important for flood protection, recreation, and the wide variety of species they support. This data will be applied toward watershed management, enhancement, and protection.

See the USACE write up in this month’s Fall City Engineer publication.

Welcome to Zach!

We are pleased to introduce our new (and first!) Conservation Specialist, Zach Bollheimer!  Zach has worked as a Water Quality Intern for the Ohio EPA, an Urban Conservation Specialist for the Licking County Soil and Water Conservation District, and in several other conservation-related positions in Kentucky and Washington. 

He holds an Ohio Pesticide Applicator's License and has Wildland Firefighter experience.  He also received training and certification in Green Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance for the City of Columbus.  His knowledge of storm water management, invasive species control, planting, and general site management will be of great value to MAD Scientist Associates, as we attract bigger and better ecological restoration and wetland construction projects around Ohio.  Welcome to the Team, Zach!